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Monday, February 16, 2009

It's in the Bag

I'm looking for a new spring bag. I know, I know. This isn't newsworthy because I am always looking for a new bag, but I'm looking for a good one to take on my two trips in March. I received the new Vera Bradley catalogue in the mail today. Coincidence? I think not.

Here is a sampling of some things I like (not limited to just bags). Let's call it my Vera Wish List.

The Morgan bag in Purple Punch The Ultimate Wallet
Laptop Portfolio in Cupcakes Green
The Gabby in Hope Garden Clutch Wallet in Kensington (it's retiring so it's cheap right now)

I think if I buy any of these things, I will go with Hope Garden but I do like the other colors as well. It's definitely a high contender for a spring bag.
I'm going to get a new LL Bean bag too (I'll call this my LL Green bag) because I love the green color. It would be practical for work and my trips because I'd go with the medium, zip top with long handles. Perfect for work too.
Yes, I'm fully aware that I have a problem. I'm seeking help. Right after I place my order....
Hope you all had a great Monday!


Beth said...

I'm getting a purple punch bag as soon as I have some extra $$$$ to blow! I love the ultimate wallet, too! Matches my black microfiber purse. BTW, the wallet you gave me is PERFECT for carrying my iPod. Let me know if you're coming to Albany to llbean

Mrs. S. said...

I love that wallet! How cute!

Ms. Attitude said...

The ultimate wallet is cute! I really like the green and white bags. Maybe I will get one.

Miss JC said...

I am LOVING the Vera spring line! I'm glad someone else has a handbag obsession..

Cristina said...

LL Green. Touche.

I will purple punch you in the gabby, right behind the hope garden on kensington.

~ Mama said...

I'm a bag whore too. Michael Kors is my main squeeze.
All the girls at my school are into Vera, and that clutch with the claspy top is really cute. And I cant live without my LLBean totes, have every size, long handles & zipper are a must! :)