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Friday, November 8, 2013

Baby Love

Some days feel like my heart will burst from sad things.  Yesterday I felt like that.  I cried.  I sought comfort from a very wise friend, but it made me cry still.  I wonder when the cosmic tides will change for me.  Everything feels very heavy.  I know I have to keep hope in my heart.  I try but some days, like yesterday, it's really hard. 

On days like that, you need something to fill your heart with something...anything....joyful.  And what brings more joy to a heart than a brand new little life in the world?!  My friend, Isabel had her little boy yesterday.  So I hopped over to the hospital to meet him.  Gah!!! 

Could he be any cuter and sweeter?  Being the overly cheesy person I am, I brought a cupcake and a zero candle for him.  We snapped a quick picture and then his momma wanted to eat the cupcake.  She deserved it!  Little boy (no name yet) joins two big sisters.  Those girls can melt my heart when they run up to me screaming "Auntie Allison" can I have some gum?  I am blessed to have met Isabel and that she's allowed me to be an auntie to them.  I adore those girls and I can only imagine how much I will adore this little man too...

We're off to a good start.  He slept the whole time I was there and I just held him and talked to him about watching basketball games together.  Gotta make him an Orange fan! 

I just love baby toes.  Look at those piggies.  And  his fat little legs.  I can't even...too cute.
I walked out of the hospital and I found myself smiling and feeling a little lighter for the first time all day.   

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Ms. Attitude said...


My best friend's little boys call me "aunt" too. As an only child, that is a real blessing.

I hope things look up for you soon!