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Friday, November 22, 2013

Free Time

It sure has been a busy week!!    And I'm happy to report that I feel better than I have in weeks...maybe months.  I'm not sure why because nothing significant has happened but I think I'm finally sick of feeling so down.  As I told a friend of mine, I'm pretty fantastic--I should start acting like it!  (I mean that in the good self esteem way, not the cocky way)

Feeling better and more in control of life, I have felt more motivated to do some little projects in my "free" time.  (Note: two jobs doesn't give one much free time)  The other day I woke up at 5:45 with the intention of going for a run.  But then I rationalized that I was attending Yoga Sculpt that night so I could probably forgo the run and instead make an ironing board cover that coordinates with my craft/office room.  (excuses, excuses...)  It's been bugging me for weeks that the cover didn't coordinate with the room.  (hello, freak status)
You can't really tell but it's orange/white polka dot fabric.  The early morning lighting doesn't lend itself to good photography but it's super cute in person.  And it coordinates with my orange stuff, thank you very much.  :)

Last night I came home to discover a package at my house.  I had forgotten that I had won a blog giveaway from Ms. Attitude.  It's so cute!!  A Starbucks gift card and an ORANGE mug!  She totally gets me.  I'd like to believe she chose that based on my obsession with all things orange.  :)  I've been reading her blog for years now and I feel like she's my most faithful reader here.  Thanks, Ms. Attitude!  You made my day!
I'd close with TGIF--except that I have a busy weekend ahead.  I'm playing Santa's helper in town and the parade is tomorrow.  Yikes...I'm a little nervous.  I hope I can be as magical as they expect me to be and I hope my Santa costume comes together and I don't look like a fool.  Fingers crossed!  Wait, I'm supposed to be acting like I'm fantastic, aren't I?  Dang, so quick to forget...
Have a great weekend!!

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Ms. Attitude said...

You are fantastic! I am so glad that you are feeling better. I like to believe that you subconsiously knew something was coming to you in the mail. :)

PS--I have a problem with the fact that my ironing board cover doesn't coordinate either. I love it!