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Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween '13

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday.  I have always loved it. 

I like dressing up. 

I like pumpkins.

I like black cats.

I like the variety of activities you can participate in.

I like that there is no pressure to it--no gifts to buy, no great love to account for.    It's just fun!

I didn't end up planning my Halloween party (next year it is).  I didn't end up going out in the costume I had been planning--a referee (next year, man.  next year)  But I had a lovely little Halloween week. 

The college that I work at has a carnival and then trick-or-treating in the residence halls the day before Halloween.   Thankfully, I have some kids in my life that I can tag along with.  And I have to say that kids in costumes are the freakin cutest things ever.  My heart explodes at the cuteness. 

Case in point:  Eliza and baby Lach.  Love!!   I'd like to say that it's always Halloween that brings out my baby fever.  I could totally do this whole Mom thing (right?!?)  I would love it.  Anyway,  this picture makes my heart smile.  Not much makes my heart smile lately but these kids--whoa. 

Angie and I posed in the photo booth that was set up at the event on Wednesday.  Angie's students did the carnival so it was fun to go support that. 

Yesterday, on the real Halloween my office gets dressed up (all together in theme) and trick-or-treat around the building to other offices.  While we were in another office these cookies were out.  They are so gross...but so fun.  I want to make these next year. 

My office dressed up as Alice in Wonderland characters.  I was Tweedle Dee.  Everyone did a great job with their costume.  What a fun office tradition. 

Here's my costume partner.  She did a great job getting our outfits together. 

I had to work at BBW last night so I couldn't attend the parade in town or do anything fun.  I decided that I'd dress up for work.  I had to try to make it fun!  I was a BBW bunny.  :)

It was a nice day and I'm always a little sad when it's over.  But today marks the beginning of basketball season so my costumes for the next few months will be ORANGE! 

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