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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Catching Up

I spent last week NOT working. I thought I was going to get so caught up on work projects while lounging around the house but instead I actually focused on relaxing. The only things I worried about were working out, what to eat and what movies I was going to watch while I drank coffee. It was wonderful. Sadly, it went by too fast.

I had friends over to watch the Opening Ceremonies for the Winter Olympics on Friday night. I adore the Olympics. I tend to enjoy the summer games more (probably because I hate snow) but I get excited about the games in any case. But so sad about the tragic death of the Luger.

Valentine's Day was pretty good. I am not one of those people that gets all beside myself if I don't have an actual valentine. I think it's a fun holiday no matter what. I try to do something fun every year. This year a few of my friends went out to dinner. It was a lovely night with the girls.

Cristina and I Me & Emily
Alisha & Cristina. And my tradition is that I buy myself something for Valentine's Day. This year I bought two new nail polish colors. Two bottles of OPI for $2.60. (There was a buy one get one half off for OPI at JCPenney and I had a $10 instant coupon).

This one is Dim Sum Plum. I say it's Dim Sum Delightful.
My only dark moments of Valentine's Weekend came from Syracuse losing to Louisville on Sunday. It's only the second loss of the season. I hope this humbles the team so they buckle down as we get ready for Madness that is March....
Anyway, hope you all had a great weekend filled with fun! xoxo


Ms. Attitude said...

Weren't the opening ceremonies great!? Too bad the torch lighting wasn't perfect, but it was still a good show.

~ Mama said...

Wow that's a super bargain on the OPI! I just got my nails done today and was looking at all the new colors in the Hong Kong line and saw that one....can't wait for spring pedicures!