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Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Idea of Hell

Because I've done nothing exciting all weekend (I worked and did errands) I don't have anything especially fun to share.

But since I spend so much time telling you all about the things I like, I figured I would share the things that make me cringe. Because we're all friends here. And I think it's time you know what makes me truly uncomfortable. Like, REALLY uncomfortable. And if you like these things, don't get offended. It's for fun. Just don't be surprised if I erase your name from my blackberry. For good.

1. Chipped Nails--I can't event bring myself to show an example. It's that awful to me. I don't understand--if it chips, take it off. It's simple. There is no need to display your laziness. Just don't paint your nails. Come on.

2. Cottage Cheese--terrible. There is no need to eat something that looks like this. Gross. (And I don't suggest EVER googling the image results for cottage cheese. I almost barfed.)

3. Scrunchies--They had their fifteen minutes of fame in the 90's. It was a simple time--we just didn't know better then. All we needed was the elastic--no need to scrunch anything around it.
4. The Snuggie--a trend I will never get down with. It's called a blanket, people. And if your arms get so cold trying to read a book--I suggest putting on a sweatshirt and turn up your heat.

5. Crocs--I can see this if you are a medical professional. For anyone else, really? And don't get me started about the little charms you can put in your stupid plastic shoes. boo.

6. Tie Dye--I have no inner hippie. I think it's because it's messy looking. I won't judge anyone that likes this one though--its' just not my thing.
So, that's where I stand on these things, my friends. These are the six things that would make up my personal hell. Oh, and it would be snowing there too.
ha ha!
I hope you all had a great weekend!


Mrs. S. said...

That is too funny! Crocs are cute on little kids under 5. Ick.

Angie said...

Ha Ha! So funny, I agree with almost everything on your list except crocs and cottage cheese. Snuggies are the worst! Ava got one for Christmas and it was so dumb we took it back.

Ms. Attitude said...

I completely agree with you on the last 3 things! Snuggies are stupid, crocs are the ugliest shoes ever, and tie dye is hideious.

The Pink Chick said...

Oh how I hate Crocs! They are not appropriate foot wear! I don't understand why people wear them!