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Monday, February 8, 2010

Football and Friends

I had a nice weekend. Friday night I worked late and came home and went directly to bed. It was a long day.

Saturday--after a lovely morning of going to WW and brunching with the girls, I ran to the mall for a bit and then spent the afternoon in my office catching up on work. I have a lot to do before the spring semester starts and I've found that the weekends are an ideal time to get stuff done because no one is around and I can turn up the music and get it done. After I finished up there, Jill and I went to Cristina's to watch a movie. We watched Sunshine Cleaning. Good movie--I enjoyed it.

Sunday morning I layed in bed for a bit to watch a movie and then I got a good workout in for the day. I came home to clean and watch the Syracuse game before I headed out to get some stuff for the Super Bowl. I had some friends over for the game. We had good food and had a nice time.

Game Time!

Cristina and Sam (both were pro Saints)

Lizz was multi-tasking by cutting out Save the Date cards.

Sam was keeping himself entertained. Tim (Sam's Dad and Cristina's husband) & I. J-Rock trying to get the cork out of a bottle of champagne.
The spread--the crowd pleaser was Cristina's buffalo wing dip. AMAZING! I need that recipe. I always thought my pizza dip was the best thing at parties but this wins my vote from now on.
Jared, Lizz, Emily, Jill, Gillian, and Alisha. A nice ending to a nice weekend. What did you all do for the Superbowl?
Also, I wanted to say Happy Birthday to one of my bestest girls, Courtney. She's fantastic! I adore her and hope she had a great day! I wish I could have seen her.


Courtney said...

Thank you for the shout out! It was a great day, though I wish I could have seen you, too!! xoxo

Ms. Attitude said...

There's an award for you on my blog.