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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


"Given enough coffee, I could rule the world"

I can't believe I haven't written about this yet. I love me some coffee. Like happy-ever-after kind of love. I usually go to Dunkin Donuts each morning before work and pick up my large coffee before I head to work.

A few months ago I was introduced to the joy of the Keurig coffee machine because my friend at work put one in our office. I fell in love. It makes the most perfect cup of coffee ever. I hate making a pot of coffee at home for just me. It's a waste because as much as I love coffee, I can't bring myself to consume an entire pot. Well, I could but I shouldn't. Anyway, at some point I became obsessed with getting a Keurig of my very own. I wrote about how I wanted one on facebook and my aunt told me she had one and would send it to me. How great is that? (Thanks Aunt Midge!)

So I got it and she even put some extra stuff in too. Some K-cups and the reusable filter...Wow, she's incredible. So far I LOVE it and have no idea how I survived before it. I love that I can get up and it takes under 3 minutes for me to get my liquid personality. Amazing.

So thanks again to my aunt for being so generous.

I'm pretty sure that Dunkin Donuts is wondering where I am...

Happy Tuesday!


Angie said...

I am SO jealous!! I want too!! we have one at work and I love it!

Ms. Attitude said...

This looks really cool! Do you have to use special coffee for it? Or can you use what you would normally use for a regular pot?