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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Psssssst I Heart You.

Today was a long day at work. We had the student organization fair and it's sorority recruitment time too so I've been running around all day. I came home at 8 pm, ate dinner and am watching the Olympics. I didn't even use the elliptical today and I should be doing work but I needed to take a break from that stuff tonight.

Instead I wanted to share a few beauty products that I am pretty sure that every girl needs to know about. Why? Because it's fun.

First, I love this stuff. Pssssst is a dry shampoo. It's perfect for the days you don't wash your hair. It freshens it up and makes life much easier. I use it after I work out so that I don't have to sport a ponytail for the rest of the day. I imagine it's probably really good for camping too. I read about this in a magazine a few years ago and ordered it. Luckily I've discovered that they sell it at Walgreen's. Outstanding!

Second, I recently came back to Mary Kay eye makeup remover. I didn't mean to stop using it, it just kind of happened. I tried a store brand and was less than thrilled. (For someone that loves mascara as much as I do, I really need a good eye makeup remover.) So I decided it was time to reunite with this. I'm sorry I thought I could do it without you Mary Kay. I can't. I won't make that mistake again. And because I mentioned that I purchased two new nail polish colors this weekend, I had to show the other one. It's called Conquistadorable Color. Cute right?What products are you loving?
Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday!


CBL said...

I'm out of Pssst. Gotta go get some!
I love both new OPI colors!

Ms. Attitude said...

I need to check out this dry shampoo bit. Right now, I am loving my Suave Natural Oatmeal lotion because the air has made my skin so dry. This stuff makes me feel so much better.