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Thursday, February 25, 2010

sNOw Work Today

Today I was home ALL day for a snow day. I woke up--took one look outside and knew that I wasn't going to be driving anywhere today. I hate snow but every one in awhile it's nice to be able to use it as an excuse to stay inside and do absolutely nothing. And that's what I did. My agenda included watching movies, cleaning up a bit, eating, and watching the Olympics.

I wore my PJ's all day, drank a lot of coffee and didn't brush my hair. It was nice. But I really need the snow to stop because I have big plans for Saturday in Syracuse.

Here is the most productive thing I did today: take pictures.

The sign by my house. The view from my deck up the street.From the back deck. My car is somewhere under there.
The big tree outside. It's kind of pretty.
The deck. I can't wait to actually sit out here with a cocktail and flip flops on.
Club Chestnut
And I'd like to report that it's STILL snowing.
For the record--if snow had a facebook fan page--I. would. not. join.
Stay safe and warm out there!

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Brianne said...

ditto on the snow. i am soooo over it!