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Thursday, February 4, 2010

SUper Excited

Many of you know that I love Syracuse basketball. I am a little bit of a freak about it. I was in grad school when they won the national championship in 2003. I watch every game or at the very least obsessively check the score on my phone until I can get home to watch. SU is having a pretty good season so far. (I'm pretty convinced that what shirt I wear determines the outcome.) So I was pretty happy when my friend Beth (another HUGE fan and fellow alum) asked if I wanted to get tickets for the Villanova game on February 27th. Um, of course. So she got the tickets and I was pretty excited.
Then this morning I came to work and logged on to facebook to find that my favorite shirt company was selling this shirt:
Because it's now SOLD OUT! It's going to be bananas (I guess I should say oranges, huh?) at the Dome that night. I can't wait. Thanks Beth for ordering those tickets when you did! You are my hero.
Here is my Otto flag that hangs outside on my back door area. Let's Go Orange! I'm SUper excited for the rest of the season and the Villanova game!


Anonymous said...

DUDE!!! I thought I wanted a Shut It Down shirt. Nope. Get me THAT shirt! Sweet! Is it from Holyshirt? I love you for elightening me with this. Please call soon so we can plan our fun date :-D

Ms. Attitude said...

I love the excitement that college sports brings. I feel the same way about Mizzou.