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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fun Farm Facts

Last night was the first night our our county fair. I go every year to enjoy the people watching, the parade, the fireworks, the animals and the food. So Gillian, Jill, Vinny and I enjoyed a few hours walking around to capture some of the "best days of summer" I think my favorite part is the people watching. Wow. Where do some of these people come from??

We walked through the barns--probably my favorite part. Gillian learned that cows are girls after all these years. Apparently, Old McDonald didn't teach this to her. :) The little piglets. So cute!
The fire men's parade. This truck if from my parents town.
My Dad is holding the American flag. I couldn't get a good picture.
Gillian and Jill with the little goat that we named Angel. She wanted to suck on our fingers. Vinny didn't try it out.
So that's the fair for another year. It's like the first sign that summer is almost over for me when the fair opens. At least Gillian learned about the cows. And I got some cotton candy. :)
What's your favorite part of your county fair?

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Ms. Attitude said...

People watching is one of my favorite pasttimes. I always have a moment when I think: "Where did these people come from?"