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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Swiss Bliss

I need to share a few things with you, my friends. A few things in the nail polish arena. You know that it's one of my favorite topics, after all. I've been having a top coat dilemma for awhile now. I use OPI topcoat (several varieties) but I'm not happy with it. I love OPI color but the topcoat has not been good to me and it's frustrating. So while away for that conference in NJ a few weeks ago, we were in the hotel room doing our nails and, my friend, Tara had this bottle of Out The Door top coat. I used it and was instantly impressed. I LOVE it! It may be the answer to my topcoat dilemma. I have to order it ASAP. It's that good. :) The other important piece of information that i need to share is that the Swiss collection by OPI came out today (well, at least here). So I went to my store and got 3 bottles of it. (I actually got 4 bottles for $17 bucks because I'm no joke when it comes to coupons and buy one get one deals) The collection is pretty good. There are some frosty style ones (that I'm not a fan of) and some glittery ones (that are good for the holidays).

The three that I picked are (from left to right)
Color So Hot it Berns
Ski Teal We Drop
From A to Zurich

I can't wait to try them out. I might wait for a few weeks because they are more fallish colors though. Is it wrong that the ladies at my local JCPenney salon facebook me when new colors come out? haha. I guess there are worse addictions to have, right?

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Ms. Attitude said...

Those are pretty colors!