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Friday, August 6, 2010

Gracie and Sadie

Gracie and Sadie. Everyone who really knows me knows that I adore these cats. And this week marks five years since they were two tiny little kittens that got picked out of a room full of kittens. I can't believe it's been that long.

My friend Andra and I decided we needed to get kittens back in August 2005 (after the pet policy was passed) so we headed to the Peace Plantation (a local animal sanctuary). Andra picked out Sadie because she was a little fat fur ball of cuteness. And I sat down on the ground and decided the cat would have to pick me. So I asked the kittens who wanted to come live with me. And that's when Gracie ran over to me and licked my leg. That was that. Gracie was the one for me.

After they came home to live in their respective homes, we got them together once in awhile to have kitty play dates (we didn't want them to get lonely after all) and they always seemed to remember each other. Which turned out to be a very good thing. A year or so later, Andra had to go home to Maine because she donated 60% of her liver to her father and she left Sadie with me during those few months. When Andi returned, she told me that she thought Sadie should stay with me because she was going to be moving back to Maine to go to graduate school. I was glad to adopt Sadie. (Thank you, Andi)

And ever since Gracie and Sadie have been the best of friends. And they provide me with hours of entertainment.

Sadie is sweet. She's always wanting to cuddle or play catch with her mouse.
Gracie is more naughty. She's often getting into trouble. But damn she's cute.
Haha. This was my attempt to take a Christmas picture. They are totally judging me.
This is when they were kittens. They were so little and cute.
Happy 5 years to my little friends!
I think this calls for some catnip.


Courtney said...

Happy Day Ladies!!!! xoxo

Ms. Attitude said...

Oh, so sweet! Happy 5 years!