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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hob Lob Love

Welcome March!  The photo challenge is over. Now I'm back to write about all the random things that I want.  So  to kick off the new month, I'd like to share my new found appreciation for the Hobby Lobby.  I've read about this place on blogs for awhile and wondered why it was seemingly so magical to all that ever wrote about it.  Clearly, I'd never been in one.  That all changed this past weekend.  My friend Angie was going to the closet one (about an hour away--and it's relatively new) so she brought me and our friend Sabrina along.  We spent two solid hours in that store and I STILL didn't get to look at everything.  But I did manage to pick up some cute stuff.   Let's have a little looksy...

These plates are going to be on display for something fun for the spring/summer.  Perhaps used as a gift. 
I loved these Paris plates.  They will most likely live in my office room (also known as the weird room)
This little glass cloche is so cute.  I just put the candle in there for photography purposes.  I'm not sure what's going to fill it yet.  But I like it.
And these prints came in big white mats but I took them out and got some cheap black frames.  They are going in my bedroom.  And yes, I was drinking wine while I did this little project.
 This is a brilliant idea.  Sabrina told me she had found these metal decorative wall hangings the last time she visited the Hobby Lobby.  I bought two because they were about $2.  She told me how she transformed them.  And since I thought it was fantastic...I decided to try it out. Here is is before....
And now here's how it looks.  YES!  Sabrina found this great adhesive fabric that happened to fit PERFECTLY to the shape of the metal sign.  I slapped that bad boy on there and attached ribbon to the back. 

And as I was admiring the cuteness and brilliance of the project, I realized I had two magnetic clips that coordinated perfectly with the material.  YES.   It was meant to be.  Here it is in it's finished glory.  Actually, I hung up a notepad on one clip and hung it in the kitchen so I could write my grocery list on there throughout the week.  I think the whole project cost $5 but I absolutely think it's great! 
 Thanks to Sabrina for the wonderful idea. 
And the best purchase of the trip was this birdcage!  I have been looking for a cute birdcage for awhile now and I got this one for $20.  I can't wait to put a plant in it.  I love it!
So the moral of the story is that I need to make another trip to the Hobby Lobby soon. 

Hope everyone has a great first day of March!


Anonymous said...

Everything looks so cute and I love the memo board- you got right on that.

Angie said...

Very cute!! I love how your pictures for your bedroom turned out! I also did my memo boards too! They turned out cute!

~ Mama said...

I found Hobby Lobby last year about an hour south of here. I didn't get to look at everything my first trip either, I was too busy walking around with my mouth wide open. Love it!