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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Goodbye Greenie

Unfortunately, it's time for this post.  I've known the end was near but I didn't want to admit it.  So I'm doing it here so I have to follow through on the end.  What in the world is this girl talking about? (I'm sure you're asking)

I'm talking about my absolute favorite article of clothing, my green trench coat. 

You see, I've had this particular coat since approximately 2000.  And I know this for a fact because  I purchased this coat and then proceeded to go to see Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon in the theatre with some friends.  Don't ask me how I remember these silly things.  But anyway, it was purchased from the Gap and I actually paid full price because I loved it that much. 

Here I am wearing it yesterday.  Bad lighting but it's definitely green. 
Anyway, I loved it back then and figured I'd wear it for a few seasons and then it would be donated somewhere.  But a few seasons turned into 11 years.  For the record, I have NO other article of clothing from 11 years ago (aside from a few t-shirts that I'm using to make a t-shirt quilt).  For whatever reason I became very attached to this coat.  I think we took a few breaks through the years but it always remained through all the closet purges.    And in the last few years I've brought it back in full force.  So much so that it's now dingy and gross.  It's been washed and dry cleaned frequently but the wear and tear of 11 years is evident.  It's particularly worn at the pocket area and the sleeve cuffs.  But I still wear it.  I realized a few months ago that this would be it's last season.  But now that it's almost time, I'm bummed.

Here it is back in 2001.  My friend Beth and I in Maine.
And I realize this is probably a really silly thing to be blogging about but I have a theory about clothes.  I don't get attached because styles change so much and I get tired of things and I figure if I have a picture of me wearing it, that's good enough.   But this one, this one is gonna be tough to retire.  I haven't been able to find something to replace it.  It's got a zipper and snaps and it's my signature color.  It's stood the test of fashion for 11 years.  That's good stuff. 

So once it gets warm it'll be time to retire my beloved coat. You've served me well, Greenie!

Do you have any article of clothing that you are attached to? 

Happy Tuesday!


Muttering Mama said...

Do you remember when I myspace blogged about my black pants? I wish I had saved that before deleting my myspace.

I have a pair of shoes I am super attached to. I got them in 2003, I think. They're slingbacks and I blew out the buckle once on a sidewalk crack in front of a Starbucks. I found myself a cobbler though, and he fixed them up good as new.

I might blog about them. They're lovely.

Bye, Greenie. You'll be missed!

~ Mama said...

I remember Court's pants too lol. I have a sweatshirt from my HS boyfriend that I refuse to part with. All I can say is hang onto it until you are sure you've found a suitable replacement :)

Beth said...

hey, is that a lighthouse? I remember the coat well in the early years :)