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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

OPI Shatter Giveaway!


I've been waiting to do this until now because I was doing the photo challenge last month.  I haven't done a giveaway since I first started this little blog, so I thought now would be a fun time to do it. 

As many of  you (if you've been reading for any amount of time or actually know me) I love nail polish.  Besides coffee, it's the only addiction that I claim these days.  And I generally favor OPI products so I thought I'd share the love and give away a bottle of the OPI Shatter.  Fun, right!

Plus, I'll throw a nail file in as a little bonus.  I mean, you probably want that too!
So all you need to do is to leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite nail polish color of all time.  Please comment by Monday, March 7th.   

Get thinking about what color you'd put under the shatter and tell your friends too!


Anonymous said...

peole are going to go crazy for this! no one can find it anywhere!!!!!

so hard to pick a fave so i will list 3: "i'm suzy and i'm a chocoholic", "suzi loves cowboys" and "jade is the new black".

Ms. Attitude said...

Yay nail polish! I love "I'm India-Mood for love"

AG said...

I'm entering on behalf of someone that can't.

She's a student of mine and I don't tell them about this little blog. I need some "private" life. :)

Christina D said...

Where do I begin??? Well, I have to go with two...for the warmer months when I wear brighter colors, it's Butterflies by ORLY, a very HOT PINK. And in the colder months when I wear darker colors, it has to be Glam by Orly, a dark red with a little sparkle...very Dorothy and her ruby red slippers!

Anonymous said...

I love "let's plie"! It's one of my favorite staples! :)

Tricia said...

You make me Vroom is my favorite.

The Mac Attack said...

I am new so I love Essie's Mink Muff.PS I loved the bird print, too! Am so jealous of the bird cage I am always looking for an antique cage since I really have five birds...where is the Hobby Lobby?

Anonymous said...

I was searching through the web for Black Shatter and came to this. My favorite nail color will still be either Strawberry milk or Peach Pink from the Skinfood line, but I'd love to add Black Shatter to that list!

lorahh. said...

I would use I LILY LOVE YOU!! :)By OPI Very pretty with the Shattered polish.. ever since i got pregnant all i do is paint my nailss, i love it lol