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Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Day to Play

This morning started out really early.  I went to a flea market at a local church with Angie and Sabrina.  It was a pretty quick venture but it made me excited about yard sale season!  Anyway, I only bought a few things but nothing especially noteworthy. Or so I thought.  I did purchase this Samsonite train case for $3.  I'm not sure why I needed it...but for some reason I've always been attracted to these kind of cases.  Secretly, I think I've always imagined that this is exactly what movie stars carry their makeup and treasures in.  So for $3 I figured I could use it for craft supplies or something useful. Practical. 
Look at the good mirror and the tray .  It even  came with the keys for it. 
 And it's super clean and has been kept in good shape. 
After I thought about it, I decided I wanted to bring the vintage feel back into my life.  So I'm not going to be practical about it and use it for craft supplies.  I'm actually going to use it for makeup and products when I travel.  Yes, I want to be that girl.  I think it'll be very useful and I think it'll be fun to have a train case.  I mean, a girl has to have a little movie star sometimes, right?  And I have two trips coming up so I will be able to try it out.  And just for a reference point, I googled this and it seems that I got it for a very reasonable price.  This exact one is going for over $30 on ebay.  Even better!!

After the flea market I did some errands and then came home at lunch time to spend the afternoon relaxing before the SU game at 4 pm.  I tried out a new color for my nails.  Green-wich Village.  I got it last weekend and had planned to wear it for St. Patrick's Day.  But I figured I'd try it out now. I decided I love it.  I think it's great. Not the kind of polish I'd wear for a job interview but for the weekend or a specific outfit...you bet.
For one of my errands, I went to the mall and  I got a new skirt today that I wanted to wear for tonight so I thought I'd add a splash of color by having bright green nails.   
So what was going on tonight, you ask?  Well,  I was going to a fundraiser event for our local YMCA. That calls for being cute.  I went with a few friends (Gillian, Sara and Angie)
 It was a fun time.  It was a Pub & Grub so there was beer and wine and food from local restaurants.  It was a nice time and for a good cause.  I like trying to do new and fun things in town. 

(Here are Gillian, Angie and I waiting to get the grub)
I'm already home but I'm happy to be laying in bed watching TV.  Unfortunately, tomorrow will not be as carefree as today.  I have a lot of work to do so I'll be heading to the office early in the day.  But today was one of those Saturdays that I love. The kind that I do whatever I want.  The kind of day that requires me to own a train case.  Because I'm totally movie star. 


I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and that you have entered the shatter giveaway.  EVEN if you don't want to win the shatter, let me know what polish is your fave.

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Ms. Attitude said...

You know what? I am totally movie start too! I absolutely LOVE train cases and am looking for the perfect one right now. I have a fabric one I use for touch up products to keep at work, but I want a really nice one for my personal use. Maybe I need to try out my local flea markets...