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Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Always Sunnyish

Well, it was quite a busy week.  That's that.

I'm really happy to be in Philadelphia at a professional conference this weekend.  My friend Greg from Syracuse picked Jill and I up on Saturday morning and drove down here.  The conference doesn't really start until tomorrow so we spent yesterday finding our way around, ate at the market and spent the night watching TV in our very comfy hotel beds.  Oh, and I learned how to spell tchotchkes.  Time well spent.

Today we did one hour of "work" and then we walked around to shop a little.  But not before we got Jill a new phone.  Her phone bit it this morning.  Thankfully the crisis was averted and Jill didn't kill anyone in the process.    And thankfully we lunched first.  Business style.  And by that I mean cocktails were consumed. Verizon is way more pleasant in that case.
Downtown Philly.  We have walked a lot. 
Now I didn't buy this but it sure would be fun to wear on St. Patrick's Day OR to the royal wedding. Either way, really.  I've decided I need to wear more hats.
We ended the day with the most cost effective manicure/pedicure ($25).  I am in love with the color (Going Incognito by Essie). 

We had the intention of going back out to dinner but instead decided to stay in and order some Chinese and lay around.  It's been pretty relaxing for a conference. Tomorrow sessions start, but not before we head over to Sephora.  I can't possibly conference without buying new beauty products.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

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Ms. Attitude said...

I wish I could shop at a work conference! I guess I do get to when I go to Mary Kay events. Sounds fun!