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Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's a Date

It's been a very quiet weekend.  Yesterday I didn't feel well so I pretty much layed around all day resting.  It was nice.  I felt better to go to craft night at my friend Angie's.  I'll be showing you what I learned to make soon.  I have to finish the project first.    Today I got up and cleaned and then went to my office to catch up on on some work.  It's spring break for the students so I'll have the entire week to do projects.  It's good, because I'm not really in the mood to be really busy. ha.

Tonight I don't want to write about anything real.  Instead I want to think ahead to a theme party I'm going to have with my girls.  As I've mentioned a million times, I love royalty.  And I'm SUPER excited about the upcoming wedding in April.  I remember watching Princess Di and Prince Charles get married when  was really little.  It seemed so magical back then and I had little to no idea what I was watching. 

So I decided that I am going to take the day off and host a viewing at my house. It's going to be a slumber party style deal since it'll be on so early. But that's okay. We'll wake up in our best PJs (with hats, of course) and have breakfast/brunch.  Complete with tea and mimosas, clearly.

Now, what kind of hat do I want to wear?  (I didn't buy this one but I kind of wish I did)
And I think since it's going to be slumber party themed, we should do our nails (obviously).  So I've been scoping out some possible colors that we may (WILL) need:

"No More Waity Katie"
And "Dating a Royal" 
OOOH, and maybe I'll even wear my favorite shoes.  I'm sure they'll go with my pajamas.  I mean, it's a royal wedding, I'm gonna need to be festive! 
And I'm sure I'll come up with some other ideas for the day.  You know I love a good theme party!  Let me know if you think of other fun things for us to do at the royal viewing party.
Happy Sunday!


Ms. Attitude said...

I absolutely love theme parties and this sounds like a ball! I really like your shoes too.

~ Mama said...

I'm a royalty nut, can I come?!?! I remember being at a class retreat in Cooperstown when Di died, and I cut out and went back to the dorm to watch the funeral. I can't wait to watch the wedding!!