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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Nail File

 Anyone who knows me knows my adoration for nail polish.  But sometimes this can be problematic.  Not because it's a bad addiction but because I simply have so much.  I refuse to count how many bottles I have because I fear that the answer.  And well, another problem is the storage issue.  I've had it stored in a 2 drawer stand in my bedroom but it's difficult to look through.  I recently decided to part with any polish that isn't OPI or Essie.  I didn't open the "other" drawer in over a year, so I put all of those in a basket to bring in to my office.  The college students were very happy to go through the basket and take some bottles off my hands.

Anyway, I have often thought of a new creative way to store the polish, but haven't figured out a way that isn't completely ridiculous.  So the polish lives in the drawers.  Then the other night, a friend  posted the most brilliant idea on Facebook.  A fabric jewelry organizer.  I had purchased one in January and it holds all of my jewelry perfectly and it's hidden away in my closet.  I never thought of using it for polish.  But my friend's picture inspired me to go out the next day to get the new organizer.  This morning I tested it out.  And by that I mean I should have been getting ready for work, but found myself putting all of my polish in the pockets. 
 Look at that!  This organizer hold about 70 bottles (on both sides).

I have to categorize by color still, but I think this is an excellent way to organize. I think it'll hand on my closet door.   Oh, and for the record, I still have a few spots open on the back so I don't have 70 bottles of nail polish....yet.  haha. 

Happy Thursday!

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Ms. Attitude said...

What a great idea! I hope it works out for you.