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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dream House

Day 16: Dream House

I'm not really a fan of this topic today.  Why?  Because houses are houses to me.  I have lived in a lot of them throughout my life.  I don't get attached to houses.  There are a lot of beautiful houses out there.  I'm sure I could google search some  houses and slap one on this post and call it a day.  But the truth is...I think houses are merely a space.

I'd much rather tell you what I want in my dream home:
  • A cozy living room with a fireplace.
  • A kitchen that is big enough to have a couch.
  • A bedroom with a balcony.
  • Porches with rocking chairs
  • Cats running around inside and dogs running around outside a big yard with a nice fence.
  • Friends and family stopping by to hang out anytime.
  • Sounds of laughter and fun.
  • HUGE closets for all bedrooms.
  • Places to relax and enjoy life.
I'm sure there are a thousand things I could say but I want to have the kind of home that everyone feels welcome.  When a person walks into my home, I want them to feel like they could live there too.  I want it to be the kind of place that you wish you could be when you feel stressed.  You won't need to take off your shoes before you come in.  The focus will be on the people, not the perfection of the cleanliness.  It'll be decorated really cute with attention to detail.  Warm & happy.  That's it.  Home sweet home.  With a cool name.  Because all homes deserve a clever name. 

Happy Tuesday!!

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