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Monday, August 15, 2011


Day 15: A moment you've felt satisfied with your life

I'm not sure there is just one moment that I've felt satisfied with my life.  It's in many moments.
  • It's laughing with my friends.
  • It's a text message that makes me smile.
  • It's coming home to two little cuddly cats that want to sit on my lap.
  • It's a student that tells me I made a difference in their life.
  • It's remembering fun times in my childhood.
  • It's the children that are in my life because my friends have let me be an "aunt"
  • It's my cozy apartment after a long day.
  • It's singing loudly in the shower.
  • It's taking a walk
  • It's creating something.
  • It's a warm cup of coffee.
It's a thousand little things everyday.  Because even when things are tough, the little things are what makes my life satisfying. 

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Muttering Mama said...

Well said. I think I really needed that reminder today.