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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Green Saturday

I can't believe it's already Sunday night.  I don't want to go back to work and back to reality.  I was so content to hide out and do my own thing.  I went out with my friend, Gillian, on Friday night.   It was an interesting night.  Let's just say the universe has a great sense of humor.  Anyway, since Friday was called Black Friday, I deemed Saturday--Green Saturday.  I spent the entire weekend in my sweats and basically stayed at home decorating my house for Christmas and listening to Dave Matthews Band loudly.  It was very relaxing.  Although I'm not looking forward to Christmas in any way, I do like the decorations.  It does make me a little sad to think of this time of year, but it'll be okay.  Aside from a few errands, I stayed at home.  It was lovely.  And I did the same thing today.  And without further delay, here is a tour of Club Chestnut--Holiday Edition.  Warning:  the picture quality is awful because they were taken with my phone.
The main tree in the foyer.  Gracie can't stop laying under it.  It's trimmed with bows and my handmade needlepoint snowflakes. Maybe I'll do a tutorial for that one day. 
 The little tree in the living room.  It's decorated with cookie cutters and bows.  I got the stand at a yard sale this summer and until today had no use for it.  I wrapped the bottom of the tree with fabric and there are Christmas books displayed.  (please ignore the TV)
 The kitchen tree.  This is the tree I had in college--I found the apple bucket to put it in a few years ago.  I think it was $10 bucks and it's lasted all these years.  Sentimental.
 The display counter in the kitchen.  It has a few little trees and a Christmas plate and candles.
 The plate up close.  I got this at Cracker Barrel a few years ago. 
 I got this candy cane sign at a yard sale this summer. 
 And this year, I put a tree i my bedroom.  I like to fall asleep to the lights.  Plus, the mantle feels Christmasy. 
 And my Christmas card box is going to live on this little stool I got at a yard sale.
 And of course, since I have faux trees, I have to make it smell good in here.  So I'll be burning Fresh Balsam from Bath and Body Works.  I love, love, love this smell!
So that's what I did this weekend.  I really need to start planning my birthday festivities.  It's in a few weeks and I haven't figured out what I want to do yet.  So much to do...

How was your weekend? 


Angie said...

love,love, love your decorations! Esp. the tree in your bedroom and the candy cane sign in your kitchen. Fresh Balsam is my favorite candle from BBW!

Ms. Attitude said...

I love all of your trees! I was at B&B yesterday and I loved the evergreen candle they had in there. I almost bought one. I will have to back now and set it on the table by our tree.