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Thursday, November 11, 2010


I have decided that I absolutely need to own a Kindle. The newest one. STAT.

The reality is that as of Tuesday I need to get some dental work done (I was so upset to learn this at my cleaning this week. Especially since teeth cleaning day is usually such a happy experience for me) and this dental work will be expensive. boo.

The other reality is that I have to replace my laptop because I can't live in a home without a computer. It's making me crazy. I swear I never realized how vital google is to my daily life until recently. Sad but true.
With those realities stated, and aside from the million other things that reside on my wish list, I have added the Kindle to the short list.
So if anyone feels like having one shipped to me in the next week or two, leave a comment and I'll provide the shipping address! :)
Happy Thursday!

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~ Mama said...

I bought one for myself last Christmas and honestly can't imagine life without it. It holds more books than I could ever read, and me and my sisters swap books between them. Hope you get one soon:)