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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve

I only had to work at half day today.  I got some stuff done and then had plans to play all afternoon.  My friend Gillian and I went to see a movie.  Love & Other Drugs.  It actually wasn't exactly what I thought it would be but it was good.  I secretly wanted to watch Harry Potter again, but it's probably best to not keep paying movie to see the same movie.    After the movie we walked around the mall (our local mall is REALLY, REALLY small) and then headed to pick up supplies for our respective Thanksgiving dinners. 
 We then decided that we'd take part of a Thanksgiving eve tradition that I've heard about for years but never experienced.  Because I lived overseas for high school, I don't have a hometown so I don't have any childhood friends that I would run into anywhere.   But it seems that in most places around these parts, the night before Thanksgiving is a night to go out and meet up with your high school friends.  Well, Gillian and I thought we'd make a night of it too.  It was a fun we had a good time having some cocktails and seeing some fun people.    We definitely always take a picture just like this when we go out.  It never fails.  :)
I did get to talk to my Dad tonight and catch up.  I really hate not spending the holidays with him but perhaps soon we can go out to dinner or something.  I miss you, Dad!

Tomorrow is dinner with my friends Jill and Vinny's family.  It'll be fun to see how another family celebrates Thanksgiving.

I'm really thankful for the good people in my life!  Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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