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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In My Shoes

"She always wears high heels because, according to her, flat shoes are for quitters."

Okay, so I said this week was dedicated to things I'm thankful for. But today I'm not feeling inspired to dig into my thoughts. Instead I want to share some of my favorite things. These are new additions to my shoe collection. I love heels. A lot. I know that they aren't always the most practical but I don't care. I like how a cute pair of shoes spices up an outfit. Plus, it's always good for my calf muscles.

A few weeks ago, I was literally standing in front of my closet trying to figure out how I could reorganize my shoes whilst checking my voice mail. The message was from Payless telling me that a pair of shoes that I had ordered were in. Well, that's probably the reason that I have trouble organizing. There are too many shoes. Don't judge--we all have addictions. Mine take form in shoes and nail polish these days. :)

Anyway, I headed to the mall to pick up my new shoes (I had kind of forgotten about these shoes). While I was waiting for the woman to bring them out from the back I noticed these red shoes and literally HAD to have them. I have wanted red heels for a while and never found any that weren't pleather and tacky. These are cute and a good shade.  Note:  I spent the rest of that afternoon reorganizing the shoe closet.
And in doing so I remembered that I had gotten these a few weeks ago.  I LOVE them!  My hairdresser pointed them out to me and I decided that these would surely lift me out of my funk.  While they aren't as comfortable as other shoes I own, they make up for it with the cuteness factor.  They may be my birthday shoe of choice.  Stay tuned. 
 And I wanted to mention that decided I wanted to try the ankle socks with heels and a skirt.  I got many positive comments on this.  And some that thought it was stupid.  Eh, whatever, fashion is supposed to be fun, right?  Trust me, I've seen it all magazines lately.  hee hee.
So that's what it's like to walk in my shoes lately. :)   And how to keep it light on a boring and cold night in November. 
Happy Tuesday!

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