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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Are You Kedding Me?

Yesterday I felt like I was the cool kid in 6th grade.  Except that I'm WAY cooler now than I was in 6th grade.  I needed a pair of casual sneaker type thing (and besides my running sneakers I don't have anything casual that is also sporty) so I picked up these...
Keds!!  I laughed when I carried the box to the counter because I never had a pair of real Keds when it was super cool to have them back in the day.  They were crazy expensive back then and my parents didn't so much care about the coolness factor and labels when it came to clothes.  So I begrudgingly wore the Payless version and envied the girls that sported the real Keds with the 4 pairs of colored socks.  That little blue tag on the back of a shoe held all sorts of social power and status to 12 year olds.  I never had Guess jeans to wear with them either...sigh.  
I thought it was funny that all these years later I purchased a pair.  I no longer think they are the coolest shoes ever (I mostly just needed them for a very specific outfit) but I still remember how much I had wanted a pair when they WERE the coolest shoe ever. 
I guess it just proves that you do end up getting the object of your desire...maybe not at the time you want it but at the time you're supposed to get it...
something to keep in mind. 

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