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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Let's pretend this is going to be an interesting post. 

It's not going to be.

Yesterday I posted the below picture to instagram.  It was an overview of my morning at work.  I went through a bazillion files as I'm supposed to.  (These files aren't going to purge themselves, folks.)    But in between every batch of files, I did some really useless stuff.  (Except drinking the coffee--that is essential).  Let's review:

I did a cuticle treatment because my cuticles were in desperate need.
I wrote a to-do list on my Halloween notepad.
I went to the bathroom and decided to do a photo shoot while I was near a mirror.  I had a new sweater on so clearly needed to have photographic evidence of this.
I made the photo collage below on  my break.
I posted it to instagram before I headed out to lunch.

Whew.  Don't worry, the rest of the day I was chained to my desk going through files.  I didn't complete my to-do list last night because my night meeting ran long.
But my cuticles are looking fantastic...

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