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Thursday, October 3, 2013

WWhat I've learned

No time like the present to jump back into blogging.  It's probably coming at a good time because I'm still trying to figure a bunch of stuff out in my life.  When I started this blog, I was looking to find a good outlet for creativity (or something like that).  Maybe I need that again.  It seems I got stuck somewhere along the way and lost much of my creativity (and let's face it) energy.  So in an attempt to figure stuff out again, I'm going to devote time to me.  As self indulgent as that sounds, I think it's time to document this new little self discovery period.  A lot has changed in my life in the last two years.  A LOT.  But I'll get there.  Consider this a version of How I Met Your Mother...the story will be told with some flashbacks and stories that are intertwined. 

So for today....

As I previewed yesterday in the things that have gone on since the last time I posted back in December, I've made some progress in my attempt to become fit and slim.  I had joined weight watchers 4 years ago and lost just about 50lbs.  But then 2 years ago, I kind of stopped trying and therefore became stuck at a certain point.  And THEN I fell in love, got my heart broken, had some family stuff happen, and all that bad stuff that pretty much knocked me down.  I totally stopped going to WW gained back about 30 of the 50 I had lost.  Boo.  Last summer I left my job and was trying to figure out a new plan for life.  I decided that I needed to go back to WW.  So I rejoined and had some progress through the fall.  I had probably lost about 20 lbs by December.  It felt good to be back on the right path.  Everything else felt so out of control in my life, that the best thing I could do was take control of this.  SO by this past spring, I decided that I needed to really FOCUS on losing and REALLY devote myself to it.  That meant a adding fitness routines in there too.  So at the beginning of March, I really kicked it into high gear.  I started out walking like 4 miles a day and gradually I started running (the couch to 10K program--it's amazing).  I saw some great results pretty quickly.  Since March 9th, I've lost 33.9.  So in addition to the 20 I had already lost, I'm currently at 53.9.   Which is great.  I have lost everything I put on during my WW hiatus AND then some putting me at the most I've lost to date.  I've got 20 more to go and I'll be at my official "goal" but I'm still hoping to get down more than that.  I'd like to hit the bottom of my BMI scale but I'll be happy to be at the goal too.  So what's the point of all this?  To give a shout out to Weight Watchers and share what I've learned along the way:

  1.  I've learned that I would rather eat for fuel than for sport.  Seriously.  yes, that candy corn tastes great for a few minutes but it does nothing to really help.  (it's still delicious though)
  2. I've learned that I can eat what I want in total moderation.  Bring on the wings and pizza just not 3 times a week.  I no longer feel guilty about eating.
  3. I've learned that I adore running and being active again.  Activity points are wonderful!
  4. I've learned that if I can't control others actions, I CAN control my own and what I put into my body.
  5. I've learned that I no longer want to eat out as much.  I'd rather do other things with my friends than eating out.
  6. I've learned that I don't need cream in my coffee and I don't need all that diet coke.
  7. I've learned to hold myself accountable and track everything I eat.  It's the only way it works.
  8. I've learned that I can say how much I weight out loud now, even if it's not the number I want yet, I should feel good about it.  I've come a long way.  It's just a number.  It doesn't define my body.
  9. I've learned that I aspire to being a WW leader after I hit goal because I want to help other people figure it out and feel good about their bodies.
  10. I've learned that it's a work in progress.  There will be bad moments, weeks, months on this plan but I can always keep moving forward and not look back.
And then there's the shallow portion of this post.  I've found that losing a significant amount of weight creates some good problems to have.  For one, none of my clothes fit me anymore.  Goodbye to the XL's and size 14 (and sometimes 16)  that I had been living in for awhile.  Especially with the change of seasons.  Shorts from last summer were no good and now fall clothes that I adored just a year ago are not gonna cut it anymore.  I am in no way complaining, BUT it's expensive to have to buy ALL new stuff.  Even my workout clothes took a hit.  I know, I know, it's a good problem but tell that to my wallet.  But a girl needs to have proper work attire.  And I DO love me some clothes.   I'll admit it's been a lot more fun to shop in a size 8/10 for the first time in a long time.  And the first time you realize that you're now trying on mediums and smalls, it's pretty exciting.  I know that sizing on clothing is NOT important because it's how you wear it that counts, BUT I do get excited about a different size.  I should be able to celebrate that.  It is difficult to really see your own weight loss because you live in your body and it's hard to recognize the changes, so this is my way of recognizing the changes. 

And because I am a crazy selfie taker (sorry to the instagram followers) lately, I found a bunch that I took as I have updated my outside. I do put them into my project 365 calendar so I can record my progress and outfits.  :)  I figured I'd share my new looks here too.  I hope I don't regret that later...
A Saturday night out with friends.  Shorts with heels was the theme this summer.
I discovered that I love shorts again...with a belt. 
Same shorts as above but the shirt is a junior medium.  a minor accomplishment.  And I no longer care about how fat I think my arms are. 
See how I loved shorts this summer.  A denim vest is my new jam.
dressing rooms are fun. and so is this dress.

not the greatest example but I promise this outfit got compliments the day I wore it.

My favorite pinterest inspired outfit yet.  A new denim jacket and a little black dress.  Simple and fun.

A wool skirt and a sheer black shirt.  I wore it with black tights and slouchy boots that day but didn't take a picture of it. 
I don't usually prefer to wear jeans but I got these skinny jeans and I love them!  Sheer polka dot top and some heels really sassed it up.

Another jeans outfit.  My room was a wreck that day.

polka dot pants and a now over sized sheer top with a scarf.  I don't wear pants often but love these.

Going for a warm fall day look.  complete with a ribbon in the hair.

My favorite find was this Betsey Johnson dress for $22.  Thank you, TJ Maxx.

And here's the OOTD.  Red dress and a sock bun. 

It's been a fun journey so far.  Weight watchers has taught me a lot about myself and I'm really glad I can share it here.  I'm looking forward to more success and many more outfits to come. 

I'll be working on the inner peace too, but that's a whole different story for a different day...

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Great job! I love that you are taking time for yourself. I fully support that.