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Monday, October 28, 2013

Festive Fall Stuff

This last week hasn't been very eventful, but there have certainly been moments of festive fun.  I love Halloween and dressing up.  I was going to have a party this year but never got around to doing it.  I really hope that I'll feel more social soon.   I've grounded myself from socializing outside of work for awhile.  Let me be clear, it SUCKS.  Work though is a different story...

On Friday we celebrated the most random, made up, theme day at work.  We dubbed it Fong-Fox day because that's the name of the drawer I was going to be working on that day.  One of the student workers and I thought it was funny during the summer so we've been gearing up for it all semester.  It really makes no sense but whatever.  It made us laugh.
Becky and I wearing fox ears in the office. 

Then Friday night in honor of my grounding myself from social life, I went home and made the halloween treats I am going to be giving to my coworkers on Halloween.  Thanks to pinterest, intsagram, and several blogs, I printed off the tags and made little gift bags of kisses and plastic spiders.  They turned out cute!
On Sunday was Malloween, aka kids dressing up and getting candy at the mall.  I used my trusty cat ears for this.  Gotta love an excuse to be in costume at work, right?


And this weekend I made up these cute little fabric treat bags that I saw on Pinterest.  Turns out, having a lot of free time at night means I'm on Pinterest more.  I think these are cute and I will be making them for different holidays so I always have a treat bags on hand.  And it's a great way to use the scrap fabric I have.  Maybe I'll sell them at a craft fair--I'd buy these if I was hosting and event or something themed.  I'd be glad to take orders... haha!
Life is pretty boring right now.  And I'm really trying to decide where to take this blog.  I need a purpose.  Any suggestions? 

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Ms. Attitude said...

It sounds like you've had fun this past week. The bags are cute and I love the work "holiday" you celebrate with the fox ears.