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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


It's already Wednesday!  This week is bringing me lots of feelings.  It's like that time of the year.  Every fall for the last three years I've had some version of the same crap going on.  I've got to go pumpkin picking or something.  Ha!  Thank goodness for staying busy. 

On Saturday I got to attend a celebration for my friend, Sara's little boy.  He turned one and is one of the cutest little babies I've seen. (please note that I say this about all the kids in my life--what can I say my friends make some cute kids!) It's so nice to be able to watch my friends become parents and celebrate these little milestones. 

Before the party I told Sara I would try making some popcorn balls.  I've never attempted this before and it's pretty easy.  Next time I'll add the food coloring. 

The party was super adorable.  Here is the picture display of baby Lach's first year. 
Angie working hard in the kitchen.

Some of the party ladies. 

Two of my favorite people...Angie and Sabrina.
Sabrina and I attempting a selfie.

Lach and his happy parents.  I adore this picture!

The birthday guy.  Couldn't he be in a baby Gap commercial?!?

And I love this cute little display. 
It was a fun time! 
Today I'm feeling blah.  I need to get my groove back.  Like Stella did back in the day.  :)

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