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Friday, October 4, 2013

Bunny Shower

I haven't hosted an event in a long time. In about a year.  But my friend, Isabel is having another baby and I was glad to host a baby shower for her.  She has two little girls and this is a boy so she definitely needs some new baby swag.   She said the baby room was going to be Peter Rabbit so we went with that as the theme.  It was two weeks ago, and I think it turned out better than I expected. 

For the favor I (with the help of my friend, Sabrina) made carrots (cone shaped treat bags with cheese balls, topped with tissue paper and ribbon)

The table featured mums with a little chalkboard that read "Welcome to Mr. McGregor's Garden".  Added some little pumpkins, boo boo bunnies and the carrots and done.
The cake table
 I spent a lot of time making food.  I always worry that I don't have enough but it turned out that I had plenty.

The cake turned out so cute!!  I had it made at Price Chopper and all I had to do was provide them a picture.  They copied it on to a icing sheet.  Super cute.  The stuff on the table was donated by my friend at work.  She has a Peter Rabbit collection of figurines, plates and little books.  Definitely made it much cuter.

The table all set.  Of course I loved the pops of color... especially the orange!  :)

I don't love shower games but we played guess the bunny tails.

Isabel cutting the cake.

I gave her some Syracuse onsies.  Every baby needs those especially with basketball season coming up.

With the lovely mom-to-be.  She looks great and I think she liked the shower!  It was fun to plan it.  It's always worth it to try to make someone's day more memorable.  Now just can't wait to meet the little guy!


Ms. Attitude said...

That's so cute! I love the carrots. In fact, the Tale of Peter Rabbit caused me to get stitches in my lip.

Properties of Merit said...

Cute!, I'm glad you're blogging agin