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Friday, December 6, 2013

A Warm Heart

I wasn't going to post today but I just had to share a little bit of seasonal happy.  Last night was the tree lighting in town.  It's one of my favorite things here.  It's so cute!   And being Santa's helper has definitely made it even more fun for me.  I can see the magic in kids faces as they see Santa.  It warms my heart.

But what warms my heart even more is seeing the special kids in my life.  I have said a million times that I'm so lucky to have so many of my friends kids to love.  I get to be an "aunt" and I adore that. 

Here's Eliza and I from last weekend.  Heart explosion!  She makes me smile every time I see her.
And last night Sofia and Emma came to see me.  Look at those sweet little faces!!  I adore them.
When I think of how sad I've been in the recent past, I am SO thankful that I have these  little kids in my life to remind me of how wonderful life is (not to mention that their mama's are pretty special to me too)

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