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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sick Happens

This has been me this week:
I've not been feeling well still.  On Tuesday night I slept from 5 pm to the next morning when I had to get up and go to work yesterday.   I hate being sick (who likes it really?) and I hate how it limits my schedule.  I'm a busy girl and I don't enjoy being slowed down.  On Monday night I tried to make myself believe I felt okay and got my decorations up around the house.  By Tuesday morning I felt like poop.  But at least I got to be sick with pretty things to look at.

The 2013 version of my tree.  I don't know why my iPhone can't take a decent picture lately.  (I need the upgrade)  I went with red and white polka dots again this year.  I had thought about a new theme but then, I just didn't.
The Christmas village my Grandma made.  It's really cute on the mantle. 
The kitchen counter...
I thought this was a cool picture of one of the ornaments on the tree. 
Last night I felt better (after my epic sleep) so I got all my supplies for a cookie exchange this weekend.  I am stressed about this one because I have to make 100 cookies.  There are prizes for best packaging and ugly sweater.  Luckily, I was able to theme my cookies with my ugly sweater. The only thing I have to do is make the cookies sometime between working a lot and santa-ing.    I stress myself out about these things.  I like things to be cute and themed so I can't just make cookies and call it a day.   I don't know why but I just have to make it more difficult for myself.   I guess that can be a good thing but it makes me fear the future.  I can only imagine my future children's birthday parties and events...I'll be out of control.  My poor future husband...
I went to the first volleyball practice for a team that I'll be playing with for a city league last night.  It was fun to hit the ball around.  I love playing and can't wait to start that in January. 
Tonight is the tree lighting in town and I'll be helping Santa again for a few hours.  Hopefully it won't be as cold and I won't get more sick.
Remember when I was fun and not so boring?  ha!  I guess some weeks are like that.  :)

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Ms. Attitude said...

I hope you feel better! Your decorations are great and I am the same way, I seem to make things difficult for myself.