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Monday, December 2, 2013

Trotting into December

It's December already!  Whoa, crazy!  I don't know why I find it so hard to believe but I do. 

Last week was busy, as per usual.  I was thankful that because of bad weather I was able to have an extra day off from BOTH jobs.  On Wednesday I got to spent a blissful day in my sweats cleaning, organizing, and decorating.  It was wonderful to be able to just be home and do my own thing.  It's been awhile since it felt good to have no plans.  I got a lot done because I knew that I probably won't have the opportunity for awhile.  Even though it was the day before Thanksgiving I put up the trees.  I didn't decorate the big one (that's happening tonight) but I got it up.  However, I got the important tree decorated...

Thanksgiving was good this year. I had signed up for a turkey trot in town and was not feeling great about it because my running has been...well, stalled. I'm so not motivated to run in the cold. But the one thing I hate is the thought of regretting not doing something that I wanted to do. SO I got up and got dressed in the warmest running clothes I could find. (I definitely need warmer running clothes, Santa) It was snowing so hard before I left but I got there and it was just COLD and slushy. The run was fine but I wasn't running the best I could because of my frozen toes. The plus side is I finished and I'm glad I did it.
After I thawed out and got a little rest, I headed over to my friend, Jill's for Thanksgiving dinner.  It's always fun to go there because her family is fun and it's never dull.  There are plenty of laughs and fun to be had with that crew.  My only contribution to dinner was to bring the rum for rum punch (Jill's mom's orders).  I happily obeyed that order.  She made us some yummy punch to enjoy. 
After we ate and relaxed, I headed home to take a nap because I had to work at midnight for Black Friday at BBW.  By the time I left to go home at 6 am, I was beginning to get a cold (probably because of my frozen run that morning).  I slept for a few hours and had to be back for my night shift.  I was feeling pretty awful by that point and only ended up working a few hours.  I was really losing my voice so it was tough to talk to customers.  My friend, Angie, made her BBW debut. that day.  She agreed to help out for the holiday so she worked a  few hours.  It was fun to have her there. 
The rest of the weekend consisted of working and trying to rest  and get my voice back.  I had big plans of going out but feeling so crappy, I picked sleep.  Next week is my bday so hopefully I'll be rested and ready for some fun!
Happy December!!

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Ms. Attitude said...

That rum punch looks delicious! I hope that you are feeling better. I seriously cannot believe that it is December already.