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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Getting On Board

I have spent the last few Christmas seasons wishing I had kids so that I could make more meaning of the hype of it all.  I still want that and eventually I will have it.   But I asked myself recently, why can't I just do the things I want?

 Why can't I have a Christmas card with a picture just because I don't have babies to show off?

 And why can't I have an Elf on the Shelf?  Who says? 

Um, no one.

So this weekend I got an Elf to come live with me for the holiday season.  Technically, my wonderful Dad purchased him for me. (thanks, Dad!) I think he wants the entertainment of the elf doing funny things around my home.  I can not disappoint.

These are creepy looking but it cracks me up.  I am STILL trying to come up with a good name for  him. And he needs some serious swag. 
I suspect as soon as I name him, he'll start doing something other than sitting in the box.  Stay tuned. 
This year I'm owning any Christmas tradition that I want.  Single and fantastically!
Happy Wednesday!

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