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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ornament Fun

About two months ago I started thinking I wanted to have an ornament exchange with my friends instead of doing a gift exchange kind of thing.  Life is crazy as always so I couldn't figure out when I wanted to do it so I crossed it off the list for this year.  Then Angie was really into the idea and a week ago she insisted that we do it.  So last week we sent out a quick invitation and hoped people would be available two days before Christmas.  We made it simple.  Bring a snack and an wrapped ornament.  Simple. 

Not surprising I picked polka dot and stripes for the paper goods. 
Thanks to a little research last week, I made this punch that was super good.  1 bottle of champagne, 1 bottle ginger ale and a package (or two in this case) of frozen strawberries.  It's so delicious!

After we ate and chatted, we opened ornaments.  Every package was assigned a number and then we drew numbers to select ours.  Cristina was really excited  about her O-state ornament. 
Cristina and I have not taken too many successful pictures together and we finally got one last night.  She's so pretty!


Angie and I.  She's a great co-host and made my life easier with bringing the punch bowl and a bunch of other stuff and then organizing things.  Love her!

Our party favors were mittens wrapped up with a tag "warm wishes for the season"  They were a hit!

Even though we gave a week's notice, we had 12 people attend.  It was so nice to hang out and celebrate together. 

We all signed an ornament so we can remember who attended and keep this going as a tradition for years to come. 
It was a good way to enjoy the excitement of the holidays together.  It sure made me feel even more in the holiday spirit.  :)
Merry Christmas Eve!

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Angie said...

It was fun, fun, fun thanks for hosting!!!