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Friday, October 10, 2008

Play Day

I took a vacation day today because I've been so busy that I needed a day to catch up. I wanted to get a lot done and I did. Although, not the stuff I originally intended. But it was productive, nonetheless. I treated myself to some pumpkin coffee (just like everyday) and then headed over to the Walmart. I needed to get my nails done and get some groceries. I spent 3 hours in there and then decided I needed to check out the mall. I needed a white long sleeved shirt. That was the mission. I came home with that and a few other things.
I don't wear a lot of brown but I love these. They are super comfy. And I really liked these shoes. Also comfortable. And I'm noticing that I'm really attracted to green right now.
Then I stopped by Verizon because my phone (see below) keeps turning off after I text message. It's really annoying. So they are sending me a replacement. Yeah!
And now I'm over at Angie's for craft night. (Translation: She's working on a craft and I'm watching her) Oddly enough, we are having fun (at least I am) and we are doing our own thing. It reminds me of being in college and having a roommate.
And my final random thought for today is about Hef and Holly. Apparently, they've split. I am sad by this because I really enjoy The Girls Next Door. I find Hef and his lifestyle fascinating. I'd love to live at the mansion for a few weeks.
I wonder if Hef likes red heads....
Happy Friday!

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