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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sensible Shoes

I picked up these bad boys during my errands after work yesterday. I put them on and I was in love. I'm not sure if they are really that cute or I'm just into sensible shoes lately. Thoughts?

Happy Saturday!


sarahmaria said...

I think they're cute! I need new sensible shoes b/c I am outgrowing my old shoes. :( LOL

Angie said...

They are cute!!

Cristina said...

They are really cute with hidden sensibility. Like us. Let's be clear.

JillLeeJill said...

those shoes are not only cute, but sweet. i think you'll look just darling in them.

PS - awesome job today - u are my inspiration for this week!

Always Alisha said...

oh... you know how i feel about these shoes.