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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Have you heard there is a royal wedding this week?  Yes.  It's true.  You can't watch any channel without hearing about it.  It's a good thing that I CAN'T WAIT so it doesn't annoy me in the least.  Although I'm getting kind of tired of speculating on the dress...we'll find out soon enough.  I'm sure it'll be stunning.   I'm more interested in finding out what title these two will receive that day from the Queen. 

I can't believe it's already Tuesday night.  I have been busy this week already and I'm tired.  Really tired.  So this post will be brief.  But I wanted to share something I tried today for the first time.
Bubble Tea. 

Have you heard of this?  I hadn't until about 3 months ago. 
Two students brought me one today because I had mentioned that I was very curious about it.  My assessment--it's definitely interesting.  Tea with tapioca balls in it.   At first glance, it looks like iced coffee with chocolate in it.  That would be tasty.
 Except that it's tea.  So it doesn't taste anything like coffee.  The tea tasted good. The strange part was the tapioca balls coming up through the straw.  The texture of the balls is like gummy bears.  But it doesn't taste like gummy bears at all.  Not a lot of flavor, but chewy.  Very chewy. 
I am fascinated by this.  I definitely want to drink it again. Maybe they'd take my gummy bear suggestion too.

What are your thoughts about bubble tea? 

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~ Mama said...

Kinda heaved as I read it, but I guess as long as you can stomach it. I'd much prefer gummy bears.

And as I painted my toenails this morning I thought to myself, 'yay, pedicure for the wedding!' I'm psyched too :)