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Friday, April 29, 2011

Castle Chestnut

Today was the big day for a certain British couple.

 Oh, and the other billions of people watching. 

And for me, the best seat in the house was my living room at Castle Chestnut with several of my friends.  We all had a busy day yesterday so we gathered for the royal sleepover at about 10 pm and spent some time hanging out before we dragged a mattress into the living room, claimed our respective spots and got a few hours of sleep before the alarm clocks woke us up at 4 am. 

Before everyone arrived the proper decorations were set out for the morning.  I framed a picture of the couple (from a magazine) and set out tea cups for each guest with a variety of teas.
In each tea cup was a Prince of Wales tea bag and a bottle of bubbles.  This was the favor.  I just loved the tea cups I found at an antique place and was really excited to find the tea. 
This was the centerpiece of the table.  The extra bubbles were placed in the bird nest thing I made for Easter.  I just took out the eggs and replaced with the champagne bubbles. 
The tea choices
I framed a bunch of postcards from London.
Sara and Jill reading up on the royal couple before bed.  Oh, and Flat Stanley was with us too (more on that in another post)
Gillian and Flat Stanley cuddled up on the couch.
Even Sadie wanted to be a part of the slumber party. She and Gillian shared the couch.
Oh this is random but I'm suddenly into cucumber water so I picked up this dispenser while I was at the store  yesterday.  We needed to stay hydrated, after all.
All in all, I thought the wedding was lovely.  The gown was beautiful.  The atmosphere was uplifting. It was fun to mark a moment in popular culture with friends.  And someday when we watch their children get married, we can remember where we were on this day. 
And I think that no matter how old we are or where we come from, the little girl in each  us still likes to believe in happily ever after...

Have a lovely weekend!


Angie said...

fabulous!! It was fun! I am SO glad you take any pictures of me I looked awful...I still can't believe we went out in public looking the way we did today ha ha!

Minxy said...

I'm still upset that my invite to the Royal Wedding apparantly got lost in the mail. :o(

I had to watch it on the tv too. :o)