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Monday, April 4, 2011

Tropical Treats

The first day of work after a fun weekend and spring break, is always a little chaotic.  And today was no exception, I went nonstop ALL day and really felt like I didn't accomplish anything of substance.  I met with a lot of students though which is fine but it's pretty exhausting and I rarely get any "work" done.  And forget about answering e-mails...I just read them and will get to them...eventually. 

Anyway, sometimes the only real structure I have in my crazy days are what food I'm consuming.  And since I'm back on board with tracking all of my food and working out twice a day, I think about food a lot but not in the crazy, craving way.  More like, how I can be healthy AND keep it interesting.  So I thought I would share two new things that have been fun additions to my life. 

First of all, I adore coffee.  I even like coffee flavored things.  I think that may be the hardest thing for me to give up if I was ever told I had to give up something. So I was picking out some new K cups and found Island Coconut.  It's great and I'm always really excited to drink coffee after my morning shred session.  

Second I decided I needed something sweet for my lunches and I'm kind of over Fiber One bars or my usual mix of bananas, strawberries, kiwi and grapes.  So I got frozen mango chunks and today was the first time I brought them in my lunch.  I threw them in a bowl straight from the freezer and by lunch time, almost all thawed (still a little frozen which I kind of like).  I highly recommend this as a snack.  I almost didn't even care about my actual lunch because I was excited to get to this.  I think this will become a regular staple item in the AG house. 

And I think I must be really ready for summer because both of my new favorite things are tropical themed.  Speaking of...I'd really love a drink with an umbrella right now...

Happy Monday!

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