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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh the Places...

It's been awhile.  I had a busy week...it's was Greek Week so that meant I was on campus for events every night (including Friday and Saturday).  Sometimes as much as I hate working so much, I am thankful for the distraction from other things.  Keeping busy saves me. 

I did get to go to Hobby Lobby with Jill on Saturday evening.  She needed to do some wedding errands at craft stores so I was glad to go.  I picked up a few cute things too.  I wish we had a Hob Lob and a Michael's here in town.  It would be great....sigh.  I'm excited to see her make progress with wedding stuff.  You know how I love a party and the prep for it!

And when I have a lot of icky real life stuff happening, I like to find projects to keep me busy so I'm currently giving some thought to how I'd like to redo a room in my apartment.  Currently, I've got an idea for the "weird room"  It's really the office/library, but it doesn't have a door so it's just an open space.  I'd like a new desk in there and I want some more bookshelves but I haven't found what I'm looking for yet.  But I'm pretty sure I've decided on the theme in there...Travel.  Here are some things I'm starting with...

I got this vintage print map for under $5 on amazon.  I just got it this week and I'm pleased with it. 
 And I'm going to incorporate this old globe that I got from a yard sale last summer.
 I would generally never support something like this as decor but I got this Dutch doll when I was in high school.  And since I went to high school in Holland,  it's special to me.  Look at the little wooden shoes.   
 The new Paris plates will be perfect for this room too.
 And this brings me to another project for the room.  I have an album holding all of the postcards that I've collected from every place I've been.  I want to be able to display them in a creative, classy way.  I have been trying to look for ideas but nothing brilliant yet.  If you have ideas, let me know. 
 I'd also like to get some of the prints that my Dad has of tulips in Holland too.  I always loved those. 

I think this theme is perfect for an office/library.  But even with a theme, I'm still going to refer to it as the "weird room".  It adds character.

I hope you all had a great weekend! 

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