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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bag Lust

I'm stressed out at work right now so I took a break to gaze at the bag of the moment. It helps to calm me. Vineyard Vines. I need to own this. Soon.


Angie said...

This bag is soooo cute, I have to get one!

CarolinaGirl said...

I just found your blog, and I must agree! I love this bag but the day my husband bought me my Louis Vuitton for Mother's Day, I was warned not to ever spend money on another purse, that I better carry this one to my death bed! Men?!?!? That's when you call mom and give her a Christmas idea!

With 4 girls, he better get used to seeing many many purses. A girl can't have just one, no matter how much she loves it:)

Cristina said...

OK, so I had to google this vineyard vines business...you know I don't keep up on the bags. I think it's adorable, but for a while I was wondering what the design was across the top...before I figured out it was Cape Cod, I was thinking, "the melting bicep of the iceman?"