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Friday, August 1, 2008

Escape Plan

I'm back. Lipgloss Lounge it is. I received no complaints from my three readers (thanks girls) so that's that.

So on Friday (my day off that I spent at work--getting home at 8 pm, btw) I was working in my office when I overheard one of my co-workers say that he had received a disturbing e-mail. Of course, my ears perked up and went to the hall to find out what the content of this disturbing e-mail was. Apparently, he got a message that there was a "shooter on campus". Um, WHAT? disturbing doesn't even describe that e-mail. Anyway, I went into the office with the others and we shut and locked the door. Meanwhile, I was nervously walking around the office trying to find a good location to hide--not near a window or door. Needless to say I think we all a little freaked out. It was just so odd. a shooter on campus? What? I couldn't quite wrap my brain around that in the 4 minutes we were locked in the office but I have to say that I was freaked out.

It turns out that disturbing message was meant to be a TEST e-mail. There was no shooter. They were training someone how to use the system and didn't mean for it to go out. Again, Um WHAT? When training someone, do we need to use "shooter on campus" as the test message? How gas leak or water main break? I mean, honestly. Given the terrible events of the past few years on college campuses, it's a sensitive topic. But I'm thankful that it was just a mistake and there was no real need to panic.

I just want to note that I managed to grab my purse before i locked myself away in the office, yet I didn't think to tell the only other person working in our office. So he was in his office, not knowing any of what we thought was going on. Yikes.

I was a little bothered by this incident so after work I went to the mall and while browsing I realized where a better place to hide is in the office. So I felt better about my escape plan. Those of you who know me (all three of you) know that I need to have an escape plan for most situations. I wouldn't say I'm neurotic but I've always remembered that from Fire Prevention Week in elementary school. You should always have an escape plan for emergencies. Word.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key. Purchased a new digital camera because my old one had masking tape holding it together and it was about as big as my purse. It was like the Zach Morris phone of digital cameras. So now I have a cute little red camera and I heart it. The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning, finishing up projects and packing up the kitties to take a "staycation" at the Green Family Estate (GFE). I decided that would be good for us to get away and if I decide to do anything fun--I'll have someone to watch them. Good plan. Except that little Gracie is the worst cat in the car EVER. She throws up and foams at the mouth and, did I mention that she also poops? Now, keep in mind that this car ride is only 30 minutes. And Sadie howls the entire way. My coping mechanism is to turn up the music really loud and open the windows.

We're at the GFE now and all is well. I'm going to enjoy my week away and relax. Take some walks, read some books, go to the lake, hang out with the family, and generally not think about the fact that in less than a month there will be fraternity and sorority students needing me to be a responsible adult. See, I really always do have an escape plan.


Beth said...

they should fire the guy who was doing the training. That's awful! But I'm so glad it gave you the chance to come up with your escape plan... with your purse!

Angie said...

That's awful! I can't believe they sent that out as a test message! Have a fun vaca!