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Saturday, August 30, 2008

What's in a Name

Wedding Weekend is here. It's been fun so far and things are going really well. I completely heart the bridal party. They have been so great to hang out with. Last night we learned that OPI has a sense of humor and makes for some great entertainment when sitting in the day spa for hours and hours. When it was my turn to pick out nail colors, these are the three I picked up. of course. Oh to Be 25 Again
All Lacquered Up
(what I hope to be at the wedding)

(awesome )

After much discussion and saying the word Kangrooby about 10,000 times (those poor women doing the pedicures) it was decided that I would choose....All Lacquered Up.

And I think I've found my new calling. ~Polish Namer at OPI.~


Angie said...

Have fun at the wedding today!

Cristina said...

OPI is fun stuff. I love those names. I have 2 OPI colors, and I don't wear them nearly as much as I should. I'm too lazy for glamorous nails :(

Have a great day!

Rach said...

You ROCK Kangarooby!! Thanks for all your help this weekend. It wouldn't have gone as well without you. Next time I'm in town we need to have a girls night- we'll drag windpipe down from Potsdam. Miss you already! Have fun!!

Windpipe said...

Oh I'm so there Sarcasmo!

As for you, Kangarooby...all I have to say about this blog, is:

I TOLD YA SO! I said All Lacquered up first, and what did you end up wearing? That's RIGHT, All Laquered Up!