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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

...And Through The Woods

I got up early this morning and packed some clothes, my computer, other assorted projects, and two very irritated cats into my car to come over to the GFE for a few days.

It was snowing, a light snow. I'm not a big fan of snow in any form. I don't think it's pretty. I don't find it charming. Snow and I would get along great if it wouldn't get on me, my clothes, my car, or the roads/sidewalks. And because snow doesn't want to play my game, we are are sworn enemies. I was less than enthused about driving in snow to get here this morning.

Now, I've lived in NY long enough to be able to handle myself on snow covered roads but the roads from my apartment to the GFE are awful sometimes. It's just about 10 minutes of the trip (out of 40 minutes all together) that are just awful in snowy weather. It's all because of the drifts across the road (this is literally the place that the sun does not shine--I suspect that trolls live in the trees and constantly throw snow out on the road to irritate drivers. In the summer, they send out the deer.)

So let me paint the picture of what my nice morning drive consisted of. Two cats in the back. Sadie is whining LOUDLY and consistently for the entirety of the trip. Gracie gets carsick. BIG TIME. She is puking throughout the 40 minutes. And she's not quiet about it either. So between the two of them and the snowdrift-tastic roads, it was the longest 40 minutes in the car ever.

But I'm here at the GFE and thrilled to be away for a few days. I know I could just come over and back tomorrow but I just love coming to spend a few days with my family. There is something so comforting about being able to completely retreat from my normal life and routine.

Snow and puking cats and all...


Steve sculpts critters said...

Sadie is cute!

Perhaps you should have a go at winning one of my very popular bronze mice (they're $250 to buy, so have a go!)
I'm an artist.
Details on my blog,
What do you think?

Courtney said...

HA! Sasha gets sick in the car, too. Must be a black cat thing!

Happy Thanksgiving, love! Enjoy your quiet time! xoxo

Angie said...

Have a good thanksgiving!! Poor Sadie and Gracie, I hope they have a good thanksgiving too!
Talk to you soon.