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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Crib

One of the shows that I always get sucked into but don't mean to--MTV Cribs. I've always wanted to shoot my own version. Maybe I'll do the full version one day but for now I'll just make you endure the Christmas episode.

Here is the tree. I'm not crazy about the location but my apt. is small and I only have so many options. Hopefully this is the last year in this apartment. Close up of some cookie cutters and the cute snowman that Angie got me last year.
The card table (all my cards are done and waiting to be sent out. The basket is really for ones I receive--I'm very popular so I might need a bigger basket. Ha. Ha.)
Cookie Cutter--Up close, Yo!
My favorite new ornament--from St. Jude. And my new prim plaid tree skirt that I got this past summer. Gracie thought she needed to lay under the tree while I was decorating it.
The small tree in my bedroom.
Thanks for stopping by the Christmas Crib! Next time, I'll show you the fridge.


Mrs. S. said...

What a pretty tree! I love the tree skirt!

Kelly said...

Hi, I just found your blog, very cute.

Your tree looks great, and I LOVE that wreath.

Always Organizing said...

Looks great! We dragged all the Christmas stuff out yesterday and I hope to be done decorating by Wednesday night. I'll post pics when we are done :)

Beth said...

looks good!

Jaded Jill said...

Loving the crib! I have all the decorations up except the tree - and I might have a surprise in store for that :)