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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

See, I Knew It

Don't knock those trendy, oversized purses — they could save your life

I love the Today Show. This morning they had a story that had a happy ending and further proof that accessories can change your life. (Just in case you don't want to read the entire story--a college student was being mugged and her large handbag got the bullet instead of her).

So I thought I better do some research into a new bag....

...It could save my life.


Beth said...

that's crazy! I'll have to show this to Kevin to justify my next bag purchase!

sarahmaria said...

OMG, I saw this story - thought it was hilarious! And my bag is big and over stuffed too so I also love it!

Just Me said...

Hello.. hi.. howdy..

Just a reminder I have not gotten your shipping info so I can send you the giveaway that you won!! Please send to ks6578@hotmail.com I can't wait for you to try this! :)